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Welcome to Everidea Interactive

Your one stop technology solutions through digital interactive products.


Our Philosophy

Interactive, Progressive, Youth.

Our team consists of aspired youths that loves to deliver values for society. By keeping faith that education can change a nation, we are striving to always deliver good message on every works we do.



Lean, Iterative, Explorative.

Our team cultivates lean working system to be able to function in smarter and more sustainable way. We believe that perfection does not come overnight. Our team treat every challenges and mistakes as something that make us grow to be a better service provider. We strive everyday to be more productive in every way with freedom to explore and to have the openness upon something new.


Our Services

Project categories:

  • Video Games
  • AR & VR
  • Digital Interactive Installation
  • Motion Graphic Contents

Mission Statement

Create your own digital interactive activation with us

Engage your audience with immersive experiences

We want you to optimise your business by applying digital interactive activations as your medium to connect with your audiences. Let us be your technology partner to provide you futuristic works such as Video Games, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Interactive Installation. Here are list of our finished projects.

Our 2 years journey

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Clients & partners

Our masterpieces

Storytelling-based Mobile Games

Our independent product as an interactive storytelling mobile game that emphasizes mental health issue among young-adults. Following Kubler-Ross’ theory “Five stages of grief”, there will be 4 main endings which can be chosen by the player based on decision in facing sadness along the story.



Mobile Game

Bring immersive experiences for your customer

Business Units

Everidea Services Everidea Entertainment Everidea Education Kultur Lokal

Business Units

Everidea Services

Focusing on production of B2B services needs from our partners and clients

Everidea Entertainment

Focusing on create Interactive consumers products, including Modular, Day One - The Game, DangDingDong, etc.

Everidea Education

Focusing on increase impact on education through interactive tools, including The Leaders, Leadership Style, etc.

Kultur Lokal

Media unit who focus on local content of art & pop culture among Indonesian youth

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